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Instagram Video Views

Instagram have recently added the new feature which now tells you how many views your Instagram video has had along with how many Likes. It makes sense to have a lot of views before placing likes on them so therefore we have started this new service.

Should I Buy Instagram Video Views?: If you already actively buy Instagram Likes either from us or another provider then it now makes sense to purchase views before them. This makes it look a lot more natural.

Why use us?: As with all of our services we are known to work quickly and professionally. We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t receive what you ordered.

Delivery Time: 12-48 Hours

Why Buy Instagram Video Views?

It doesn’t make any sense anymore to purchase Instagram Likes before buying Instagram Views. We have now fully tested this service and released it to the public.

We have many customers who use our Instagram Likes service and have had great success in growing their Instagram profile. With this new feature that Instagram have added recently it is also necessary to buy views for any videos you may upload alongside likes. It just wouldn’t look natural to have 1000 Likes on a video that only have a handful of views on them. You will need to buy more instagram video views than you would likes to make it look as natural as possible.

Did you know we also provide Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes? If you need to buy Facebook Likes or buy Twitter Followers as well as Instagram Video Views then you have come to the right place.